Picture by Summer Nicklasson

Picture by Summer Nicklasson

Because we only have this one life…

We can not keep putting health and lifestyle changes off until tomorrow, or next year. Is that really the way to live? Our life is happening now and too many of us spend our lives struggling with physical discomfort and emotional distress. We don't have enough time on this earth to feel like crap. Get inspired and empowered to finally feel great and thrive—so you can actually enjoy this one life that you have.

  • Are you frustrated that a nagging health issues isn't resolving with your current medical regimen?

  • Have you ever received good advice but found it impossible to follow through?

  • Would you like to decrease or get off one or more medications?

  • Have you ever wanted something in your life but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?

11 Ways Sarah and Tash Can Help You

1. Weight: You want to lose a little or a lot of weight.
2. Behavior:Your child’s behavioral, emotional, or sleep disturbances are causing stress and an out of control home environment–and you just want your child to feel better and function optimally!
3. Healthier Eating: You want your family to eat healthier and you don't know how or your picky eaters are making it difficult.
4. GI Distress: You want to resolve bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn.
5. Blood Sugar: You need to stabilize your blood sugar levels to control or prevent diabetes.
6. Pain: You are ready to ditch the migraines, arthritis, headaches, or painful/intense PMS.
7. Fatigue: You're tired and you want to feel less fatigued during the day.
8. Mood: You don't want to feel so low, depressed, anxious, or moody anymore. 
9. Heart Health: You are ready to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, with less or no medications. 
10. Skin: You have acne or eczema and you want it to GO AWAY.
11. Confused: You're confused about healthy eating: Do I go gluten-free? Paleo? Clean Eating? What do I buy organic? How do I save money on all of this? 

How Clients Say They Have Benefited

  • I was able to stop taking an antidepressant which I had been taking for 17 years! I had no idea my diet was impacting my mood and could cause inflammation which had been a significant health concern for me over the last two years.
    — Sue 65
  • My coach helped me lose 20 pounds in 1 month and keep it off. I seldom crave junk food and am much more satisfied after meals than I was before working with This. One. Life.
    — John 64
  • I didn’t even think I could lose 1 pound! My goal was a 25lb weight loss over 6-months, and I exceeded that goal by 5 lbs without ever really feeling deprived or hungry. The confidence I have gained is invaluable. Now I KNOW that I am capable of making healthy changes for myself and my family.
    — Randi 36
  • I work WAY less! I feel better about myself and have changed the ways I view my body, my health, and my own strength.
    — Krista 38
  • I don't know just how far down in a pit I would be today if I hadn't met my coach. She believed in me when I had serious doubts about my ability to turn my life around.
    — Peggy 56
  • When I started working with This. One. Life. I didn't understand what I was asking for or the amount of magic I was going to get. I'm not sure if I've ever felt so sure and calm in my life. My time with my coach is the best thing I've ever done for myself.
    — Mei 29
  • I cannot believe that I have finally learned to break the crazy cycle. I was given tools and support to change my life from being really, really sick into that vibrant person I used to be! I came to This. One. Life. to help me get well, but I really have to say that I love the way I look too.
    — Ruby 64
  • I've always been someone who has worked hard and cared about my health. But so often I just thought that focusing on diet was enough. It turns out that sleep, movement, mediation, spending time with loved ones and in nature, and self compassion are all as equally important. It's all about balance. So now, instead of just thinking about diet, I find myself asking, "what will help me attain balance in this moment?"
    — Katie 34
  • Through coaching and Sarah’s book, I have been able to make changes to my eating habits, exercise, meditation, relationships, weight, reduction in medications, and overall better control of my Diabetes. I am utterly amazed at how amazing I feel now that I have changed the “whole me.” Thank you for helping me with the best transformation of my life!
    — Misty 39
  • Never would I have imagined that I could be sugar-free for over a year. My coach guided me through so many personal loops: understanding my triggers, helping me with communication with my spouse, understanding what makes me feel fulfilled and happy, and all the stages it took to get to retirement, and so many other things.
    — Peggy 56
  • Thank you for helping me find FREEDOM from the bondage that food had over me! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My whole family is benefitting from the changes you have helped me make, and we are eternally grateful!
    — Randi 36
  • I would recommend Ths. One. Life. to anyone who is feeling frustrated by their life’s direction either emotionally or physically. It was refreshing to look at my concerns from a different perspective and make changes I had never considered.
    — Sue 65
  • I didn’t even think I could lose 1 pound! My goal was a 25lb weight loss over 6-months, and I exceeded that goal by 5 lbs without ever really feeling deprived or hungry. The confidence I have gained is invaluable. Now I KNOW that I am capable of making healthy changes for myself and my family.
    — Randi 36
  • I now have a willingness to seek outside help with trainers, books, and health care providers. This has empowered me to make changes in my life; I’m not dependent on another person to “fix” things for me. I now have strategies to make that happen.
    — Krista 38
  • I was in a deep dark rut and had been there for years, waiting and wishing that one day life and the dreary cloud would pass and I would feel whole and complete again. As simple as reaching out to Sarah was all it took. She put me on a 2 week nutritional plan that worked for me and the results were astonishing. Literally, in days I felt an improvement! I now live life with much more purpose, enjoyment, excitement and with more energy. I am forever grateful for the new and improved me.
    — Chris 33

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Natasha Harris BS, MLIS, INHC is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with personal experience and educational background that is bound to impact your life positively. She has learned to take care of herself (and her family) in new ways since learning to live well with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. 
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Sarah Kolman RN, MA, CHPN, INHC is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the tools and training to help you transform health-related information and goals into actual, sustainable, outcomes. She helps adults and children across the country use nutrition and lifestyle strategies to heal their bodies and live meaningful, rich lives. 

Let us help you feel great and live your best life. One conversation can change your life!  
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