Group Classes

I offer group classes on various topics including:

Shopping for Healthy Food in a Small Town

  •  It can feel like we are limited in our food options living in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. I pull from several sources to make healthy foods a viable option. Learn more about my shopping outlet.

Quick and Easy: Real Food Meals and Snacks for the Busy Family

  • We are undoubtedly busy, and quick meals and snacks are key to making it through most days--which is why fast food and processed food are so popular. Learn alternative ways to make easy and quick healthy foods available for your family at snack and meal time. Go home with a slew of yummy recipes my family loves. 

Making the Transition: Learning How to Plan and Prepare Real Food Meals

  • Making significant shifts in eating can feel daunting. Where do I start? Do I make drastic changes, or slow changes over time? Most people don't even know how to start changing the way their family eats. Learn options and tricks to making this transition smooth.

Healing Your Gut with Probiotics and Fermented Food

  • Hearing about the benefits of probiotics and fish oil is one thing, but knowing what brands to buy and how to provide your family with adequate supplementation is another. Learn how to make homemade yogurt, sauerkraut, and pickles, and find out some of the quality brands that I use for probiotics, fish oil, and other supplements. 

Eating Rules! Improving How and What Your Kiddos Eat

  • After we implemented some rules and boundaries mealtime looked very different and the kids' eating habits improved significantly. Learn about the structure and rules that we implemented around food and brainstorm ways to improve mealtime and picky eating in your home. 

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Private Classes

Any group classes are offered as private classes as well. If you prefer a one-on-one environment or are unable to make a class that you are interested in contact me to schedule your private class. Classes are offered in person and remotely. 

Organization Wellness Workshops

Interested in having me speak at your company or organization? I can provide fun and informative lectures on various health topics: Losing Weight, Maternal Health (prenatal, postpartum), Wellness for Kids, Taming Sugar Cravings, Improving Energy and Focus, How to Break the Processed Food Habit, What are Healthy Foods and How Do I Cook Them? and more...

Contact me to individualize workshop to meet your needs and to discuss fees.