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Meet Sarah Kolman 

I live in Lander, Wyoming with my three young children and attentive husband—who travels regularly for work. I lead an active life raising children, managing a household, and running my health coaching practice. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I focus on the multi-dimensional aspects of health and wellness and am committed to my clients successfully reaching their health goals and living a full and meaningful life. My eclectic educational, professional, and life experiences have given me rich insight into the interconnected nature of health, how to live life to the fullest, and the importance of focusing on family health. I enjoy time with my family and friends, contemplating what matters most, and learning about health and wellness. Learn more about my training here


Sarah's Approach: "Think Outside the Box"

My perspective on health has been inspired by my experience healing my two-year-old son, who struggled with behavioral issues, emotional outbursts, and severely interrupted sleep.  After failed attempts to resolve these issues within the conventional medical system, they were ultimately eliminated with dietary modifications and balancing the micro-flora in his digestive system. I learned that we need to “think outside the box” if we really want to make a difference in our own health, as well as the declining health of our country.

I believe that decreasing chronic inflammation, balancing micro-flora, improving immune health, and increasing consumption of “real” foods will significantly improve your day-to-day life and may even save your life. My “think outside the box” tagline highlights my whole health approach.

Health is much broader than food and exercise. Meaningful work, healthy relationships, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, and connection to our spirit are fundamental aspects of health—and all these factors literally impact us on a physical level.

My focus on eating real food encourages people to think outside the box, bag, or package when making decisions on what to eat. I think it is more important to put attention on the quality of the food we eat rather than on calorie counting and cutting out fat.

I know that there is no cookie cutter recipe for every person’s health. One person’s medicine might be another’s poison. I also know that information is critical, but most people require one-on-one support and guidance to actually experience transformation and life-long change. I love supporting, inspiring, informing, and encouraging clients to take information and make it applicable to their individual lives—the most challenging part of change. As a health coach, I support individuals in healing their bodies and feeling great in a manner that is life-lasting. 

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