What client's have said about This. One. Life.

I was ready for an overall change in my health. Sarah’s book came out at the most perfect time! I was so excited about her book and change that I read a quarter of the book the first day. I wanted to know more and began coaching with Sarah. Through coaching and Sarah’s book, I have been able to make changes to my eating habits, exercise, meditation, relationships, weight, reduction in medications, and overall better control of my Diabetes. I am utterly amazed at how amazing I feel now that I have changed the “whole me.” Thank you Sarah for helping me with the best transformation of my life!
— Female; Type 1 DM, Hashimoto's, and PCOS.

Sarah helped me lose 20 pounds in 1 month and keep it off. I seldom crave junk food and am much more satisfied after meals than I was before working with Sarah. Sarah was genuinely interested in my success. She is caring, knowledgable, helpful, and creative in planning and strategizing. She asks pertinent questions and persists to get meaningful answers. I appreciate how she held me accountable while remaining flexible: if something didn’t work, we tried a new tactic.
— Male; Poor Digestion and Weight Loss

I didn’t even think I could lose 1 pound! My goal was a 25lb weight loss over 6-months, and I exceeded that goal by 5 lbs without ever really feeling deprived or hungry. The confidence I have gained is invaluable. Now I KNOW that I am capable of making healthy changes for myself and my family.

Sarah is caring—she truly wants to help! But, she’s also firm; one day she told me “Randi, I can’t prescribe you a magic pill”. This was exactly what I needed to hear to get off my pitty-pot! Sarah is also encouraging and creative, always trying different techniques to re-motivate me when I was struggling. I would recommend my coach to everyone! It’s not just about losing weight—it’s about finding HEALTH, and LIVING this.one.life.

Thank you, Sarah, for helping me find FREEDOM from the bondage that food had over me! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My whole family is benefitting from the changes you have helped me make, and we are eternally grateful!
— Female; Anxiety, Chronic Stress, and Weight Loss

Sarah above all listened with an open mind, showed empathy in regards to my challenges, and helped me create plans to tackle and attain each goal in a way that suited my personality best. When one thing didn’t work as well as hoped, we’d come at it from a different angle. She was patient and encouraging, and her insight always made me appreciate my time working with her.

The most significant overall change I made would be my outlook on health. I’ve always been someone who has worked hard and cared about my health. But so often I just thought that focusing on diet was enough. It turns out that sleep, movement, mediation, spending time with loved ones and in nature, and self compassion are all as equally important. It’s all about balance. So now, instead of just thinking about diet, I find myself asking, “what will help me attain balance in this moment?”

Sarah is a compassionate soul who genuinely cares about helping others attain health inside and out. She listens with care, concern, and empathy, and works as a team player to find creative solutions to health challenges. I was always amazed and so appreciative of the insight Sarah brought to each session. I felt like she “got” me and would often make suggestions or confirmations that really resonated with me, but that I wouldn’t have necessarily arrived at on my own. Working with Sarah was an invaluable process that will have rippling effects far into my future health!
— Female; Acne, Eczema, Poor Digestion, Chronic Stress
How I thank God that Sarah was brought into my life. I cannot believe that I have finally learned to break the crazy cycle. I would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you for giving me the tools and support to change my life from being really, really sick into that vibrant person I used to be! I came to Sarah to help me get well, but I really have to say that I love the way I look.
— Female; Candida Overgrowth, Fatigue and Weight Loss
I don’t know just how far down in a pit I would be today if I hadn’t met Sarah. She believed in me when I had serious doubts about my ability to turn my life around. Sarah believes in her own wisdom, education and approach. Never would I have imagined that I could be sugar-free for over a year. And Sarah guided me through so many personal loops: understanding my triggers, helping me with communication with my spouse, understanding what makes me feel fulfilled and happy, and all the stages it took to get to retirement, and so many other things. Saying thank you seems so inadequate for all Sarah has done for me and for how much she mean to me. She has changed my life. My entire family is on a better path nutritionally because of Sarah.
— Female; Weight Loss
When I walked into Sarah’s house I didn’t understand what I was asking for or the amount of magic I was going to get. Sarah, thank you for making room, for continually pushing me, and asking me. Thank you for seeing me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so sure and calm in my life. Thank you. Thank you for letting me crash around and giving me all of the maps to find my way back. My time with Sarah is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.
— Female; Chronic Stress and PMS
Sarah was able to help me examine the changes I was looking for in my life by listening to my concerns and frustrations. She then helped me work through the layers to pinpoint goals and intentions to move forward in my life. Probably the greatest gift she gave me was hope!
Due to my work with Sarah, I was able to stop taking an antidepressant which I had been taking for 17 years! I had no idea my diet was impacting my mood and could cause inflammation which had been a significant health concern for me over the last two years. Sarah has helped me create a long-term plan and watch for certain markers to let me know when I am not following the plan. When I do follow the plan she and I have developed together I am much more energized and confident in my decisions.

Sarah is empathetic, knowledgeable and willing to ask me the hard questions. She shared resources with me to help me understand her suggestions and offered gifts along the way to keep me motivated. She also shared snacks with me that I probably never would have made and because they tasted great I have incorporated into my life. Her weekly menus are also a great tool for making nutritious, delicious meals!

I would recommend my coach to anyone who is feeling frustrated by their life’s direction either emotionally or physically. It was refreshing to look at my concerns from a different perspective and make changes I had never considered.
— Female; Depression and Poor Digestion
I work WAY less! I feel better about myself and have changed the ways I view my body, my health, and my own strength. I now have a willingness to seek outside help with trainers, books, and health care providers. Before, that didn’t occur to me...or if it did, I didn’t know where to look. This has empowered me to make changes in my life; I’m not dependent on another person to “fix” things for me. I now have strategies to make that happen.

Sarah is knowledgeable, resourceful, dedicated to her clients, and reflective. I would recommend This. One. Life. to anyone who feels “stuck” in life and is wanting to increase their happiness and optimize living!
— Female; Weight Loss, Headaches, and Chronic Stress
I was in a deep dark rut and had been there for years, waiting and wishing that one day life and the dreary cloud would pass and I would feel whole and complete again. As simple as reaching out to Sarah was all it took. She put me on a strict 2 week nutritional plan that worked for me and the results were astonishing. Literally in days I felt an improvement! I now live life with much more purpose, enjoyment, excitement and with more energy. I am forever grateful for the new and improved me.

Sarah is a very gifted and knowledgeable nutrition coach. She has a way to make major changes seem so simple and easy. When I wasn’t willing to budge on giving up dairy and gluten in my diet, she ever so delicately educated me. It was her compassion that led me to make the necessary changes in my life. I was able to trust her and the rest is just a beautiful story of how my life has forever changed for the better. I feel like she cared about me and I could tell she truly wanted to help. She was so supportive in the process and valued my input along the way. I feel empowered by her services and the positive changes continue to snowball in my everyday life.
— Male; Depression
I lost 20 pounds (the extra baby weight I was struggling to lose after the birth of my daughter). Sarah provided me with concrete tools to help me feel confident about food choices for my body and my infant daughter. She gave me meal ideas and recipes, and helped me discover which foods supported my body and lifestyle.  

Sarah also taught me how to listen to my body. Before the program, I had no idea the extent to which anxiety and stress had taken a toll on my body. My body was trying to tell me what it needed to thrive, and I wasn’t listening. Once I applied the tools suggested by Sarah to find more balance and calm in my life, I immediately starting losing the baby weight and was learning to find the joy in my simple, everyday life.

Sarah is a coach, a cheerleader, a listening ear, and a wealth of knowledge. She is compassionate, supportive, resourceful, and knowledgeable. Instead of trying to make your goals match a program, Sarah tailors the program to meet your specific goals and needs. She is compassionate and listens, but also encourages you to take risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone to make real change happen. Sarah offers concrete tools and advice to help you achieve your health goals. She also utilizes other resources in our community to help you achieve these goals (for example, getting to know the local produce guy at the grocery store, or getting to know a local naturopath or personal trailer). How lucky are we to have such an incredible asset like Sarah in Lander, Wyoming?!
— Female; Anxiety and Weight Loss
Sarah Kolman looks beyond the surface nutrition issues and teases out the long-term emotional baggage that can lead you to repeat certain behaviors. She helped me get a handle on my cravings, make good food choices through meal and snack planning and create an awareness of how my food choices affect my menses. Three of the biggest tangible improvements have been increased energy, better athletic performance and more comprehensive nutrition knowledge. Sarah’s gifts go beyond nutrition coaching into emotional and mental actionable change. She is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. She has provided me with a view into who I am and and what I need to create consistency in my life.
— Female; Anxiety, Depression, PMS, Digestion Issues