Our Full Plates: How They Make or Break our Health

Written by: Sarah Kolman RN, MA, CHPN

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A small excerpt from my recent Seventh Generation blog post: 

As a mom of three little gremlins—ages six, four, and three—and the wife to a nomad husband who travels often for work, I have days when my life feels like a three ring circus. My juggling act consists of household, yard, and auto maintenance, going to work, kid drop offs and pick ups, laundry, grocery shopping, extracurricular activities, sleepless nights, breaking up brotherly combats, and feeding my family three meals a day—to name just a few “to-dos”. I have a full plate, and I have to make a concerted effort to put attention towards health values because my life is set up for chaos, exhaustion, and ultimately an unhealthy home.

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