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Enjoy Food This Holiday Season without Guilt, Shame or Gaining Weight

Ah, the holidays—‘tis the season for family gatherings, work parties, and get-togethers with friends. While it can be a festive and fun time, it also brings many opportunities to fall out of step with a whole foods, plant-based diet. This year, I’m trying to do things a little differently. Read more for some tips I’m going to follow so that I enjoy the holidays to their fullest without overindulging.

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Maintain Your Social Energy This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be taxing for anyone, but I know from my clients that it’s even tougher on folks with autoimmune disease. Whether it’s grappling with the fatigue symptomatic in any autoimmunity issue or figuring out the details of what to eat while out and about, this season of social gatherings can leave one feeling depleted, frustrated, and isolated. Learn some tips and tricks to maintaining your energy this holiday season here

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Receive More This Holiday Season By Slowing Down

Each year during the holiday season, it seems that events and obligations stack up at such a rate that before my family and I even realize it, we’re committed to one gathering or another (and sometimes more than one!) just about every day from Thanksgiving through the New Year. It’s always fun but it’s also exhausting, and can end up feeling like a distraction from the connection and togetherness that we truly value during the holidays. This year, things are a bit different for our family, and I have experienced first hand the impact of slowing down and focusing on the things that really matter. Read more here.

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