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Protect Your Family and Yourself During Cold and Flu Season

When one of my young boys, my husband, or I bring home an illness from school or work, it’s often only a matter of time before our household of five is down for the count. Fortunately, we’ve gotten much better at minimizing our risk of getting sick. As a nurse and health coach, I’m committed to long-term preventative measures, so we focus on keeping a strong immune system and nurturing a healthy microbiome as our first line of defense when it comes to decreasing the frequency and duration of colds and flus in our home. Learn tips here

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How to Know That a Food Doesn't Work for You

The key skill in identifying if a food doesn't work for you is a heightened awareness of how food affects almost every aspect of how we feel and to start making connections with our symptoms and the food we have eaten. This is a monumental shift from our cultural tendency to look outside of ourselves for guidance on what food is best for us.

Read here to learn about tools that can help you figure out whether a particular food is friendly or unfriendly to your individual system?

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Our Family's Experience With Sensitive Skin

When my son was two months old his entire body was covered in a sandpaper rash. He was a fussy baby—he never really appeared comfortable, and looking at his skin you could imagine why. When we were able to rebalance his gut flora and support intestinal healing through a clean and healthy diet his skin healed—and he became a content and happy toddler. Read more here.

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