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Messages from the Dark: Lessons from Recent Depressive Episode

It was about 10 p.m. on Mother’s Day and I was a mess. On paper, it had been the most thoughtful and perfect Mother’s Day I could imagine. Yet there I was, settling in for a restless night on the couch. (When I commit to shutting down and hiding, I really go for it.) It dawned on me, after a shame- and disgust-filled crying jag: “Oh sh*t, I’m depressed.” Read more about what I discovered about how things got so out of control with my mood and wellness.

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Remember....You Are More Than A Diagnosis

A few months ago, I shared some of the lessons on wellness and whole health that I learned from my time as a hospice nurse, renewed through the experience of my cousin Jim’s passing. In conversation with Jim as he was ailing and grieving the loss of a life cut short, I was reminded how important it is to fill our days with activities that reflect our core values. I remain grateful for the lesson that no matter how closely we watch our diets and exercise routine, to neglect our emotional and spiritual needs leads to poor health. Read more here. 

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Use Food to Clean Up Your Mood

We know that when we eat well, we feel better. And yet we don’t always appreciate the link between the food we eat and our mood and behavior. Did you know that 95% of our body's supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin is manufactured in the digestive tract? In fact, our digestive system is often referred to as the body’s "second brain." If we can improve imbalances in our gut, we can clear the way for a healthier, happier frame of mind. HERE are some tips to help improve your mood, starting with an important foundation for health—the food we eat.

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