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3 Ways That Thinking Outside the Box Can Improve Your Family's Health

It’s not exactly news that the way in which we address health as a nation isn’t working. With cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, infections, and dementia on the rise, America is in an obvious health crisis. We are spending more money on healthcare than any other developed nation yet our health outcomes are among the worst. With a healthcare system that is designed to treat “illness,” rather than create “wellness” or “health,” we are clearly falling short.

In my health coaching practice, I teach clients to “think outside the box” in order to ditch their chronic ailments, start feeling good, and finally live their best lives. Read on to learn more!

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Our Family's Experience With Sensitive Skin

When my son was two months old his entire body was covered in a sandpaper rash. He was a fussy baby—he never really appeared comfortable, and looking at his skin you could imagine why. When we were able to rebalance his gut flora and support intestinal healing through a clean and healthy diet his skin healed—and he became a content and happy toddler. Read more here.

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Meal Planning Makeover for the Busy Home

As much as I love good food and can even love cooking at times, the stress of figuring out my family’s meals for the week and compiling our grocery list is overwhelming to me. But I know what doesn’t work: flying by the seat of our pants day after day. We waste time going to the grocery store multiple times, or spend more than we need to on “convenient” processed foods or take-out that don’t make us feel our best. Check out these meal planning tips to keep you on track and organized. 

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Raise Health-Minded Kiddos Without Creating A Fuss

I don’t always make perfect eating choices. And so when I think about teaching my kids about nutrition, it feels a bit like walking a tightrope. I want them to have the knowledge they need to make good choices without feeling guilt or shame if they sometimes choose the less healthy option. I want to find that sweet spot between giving them guidance and encouraging their own autonomy.

Learn more about how I try to raise health-minded kids without micromanaging their eating habits. 

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How My Family Discovered Renewed Health By Cleaning Up Our Diet

As a nurse, I assumed I understood the basic principles of nutrition and health. But it was through the journey of my son’s health struggles that I discovered the great impact clean eating and clean living has on health. His path to better health introduced me to nutritional theories and health concepts that ultimately led to my whole family “going clean” and improving how we approach eating and living in general.

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Embracing an Eclectic Table: How to Feed a Family With Multiple Dietary Needs

How do we accommodate so many different needs without becoming a short-order chef? It may feel overwhelming at first, but hang in there. It scared me at first too. After all of my experience, I would now suggest that having to make these accommodations can be a gift. It teaches us to put thought and effort into our meals and ultimately drives a lot of creativity in the kitchen. Learn more!

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