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Zoom Out! And Hone in on Better Health

Once we find out that certain foods are causing problems with our health, it can be so easy to get tunnel vision on our diets. The concept that everything we put in our bodies can either heal us or hurt us is quite powerful, and it’s not uncommon for me to see my health coaching clients zero in on it. They cling to diet with an iron grip, meal planning, getting serious about what foods they bring into their homes, and focusing on what they can’t have — and sometimes this causes them to neglect other important parts of their whole health. Read more here to learn how other factors in our lives influence our health too. 

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Protect Your Family and Yourself During Cold and Flu Season

When one of my young boys, my husband, or I bring home an illness from school or work, it’s often only a matter of time before our household of five is down for the count. Fortunately, we’ve gotten much better at minimizing our risk of getting sick. As a nurse and health coach, I’m committed to long-term preventative measures, so we focus on keeping a strong immune system and nurturing a healthy microbiome as our first line of defense when it comes to decreasing the frequency and duration of colds and flus in our home. Learn tips here

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3 Ways That Thinking Outside the Box Will Improve Your Family's Health

People continue to feel sick because what they are doing isn’t working. To get different results we need to do something different. In my health coaching practice, I teach clients to “think outside the box” in order to ditch their chronic ailments, start feeling good, and finally live their best lives. Check out these 3 ways to think outside the box and improve your family's health.

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