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Is Your Health Story Building You Up, Or Holding You Back?

Every day, from the moment we wake up until our heads hit the pillow, we are immersed in stories and storytelling. They serve as a means to help us understand our circumstances and navigate our world. What we may not realize is the power behind our words. Narratives around disease can be intense and difficult—and I have come to believe that the stories we tell (both externally to others, and internally to ourselves) provide a structure and vocabulary that actually shape our reality. Our stories can give insight not only to our worldview, but also our approach to healing. Read more here.

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Are Your Habits Exacerbating Your Symptoms?

I am going to share one sabotaging habit that I see again and again in my practice, and one that I relied on for years. I want to share my experience and my clients’ because when you’re able to catch and change this particular habit, the shifts you can create in your life (and your health!) are incredibly powerful. Read here to learn more.

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Are You a Giver or a Taker? (And How Does it Impact Your Health?)

One particular topic has come up for me in my life recently — in an, “oh, sh*t!” hit-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks way — that has also been a theme in recent sessions with my clients. The aha moment in question? Living life as a giver or a taker. Learn how being a taker can deplete your energy and exacerbate illness and how being a giver can fill you up and support healing. You may realize how sneaky the taker mindset can be, even when you think you are being a giver.

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Analysis Paralysis of Autoimmune Management

In autoimmune disease, we often learn the hard way that the decisions we make—about what we put in our body, when to go to bed, which activities to participate in, you name it—have a direct impact on how we feel. 

We can go years not giving a rip about any of these things, only to realize as we become aware of our disease that they’ve been playing a major role in how we feel. It’s a huge shift in perspective and it can be so empowering to know that we can make choices to make ourselves feel better.

I’ve noticed a common theme emerging among my clients, though, as a sort of “dark side” to this perspective shift: they get caught up in analyzing every single choice they’ve made and how it makes them feel, worrying that it was “right” or “wrong.” Read more about how this can end up having a negative impact on quality of life, health, and even relationships.

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