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Healthy Snacks, Drinks, and Cold Treats for Summer

A whole slew of factors can conspire to make our healthy eating habits fall off the mark in the summer. If your family, like mine, could use a reminder going into the season of just how many easy, homemade snack, treat, and beverage options we have in the summer, then this is it! Click here to see some of my favorite recipes so that you can make the most of this abundant time of year, without spending all your time in the kitchen. 

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Meal Planning Makeover for the Busy Home

As much as I love good food and can even love cooking at times, the stress of figuring out my family’s meals for the week and compiling our grocery list is overwhelming to me. But I know what doesn’t work: flying by the seat of our pants day after day. We waste time going to the grocery store multiple times, or spend more than we need to on “convenient” processed foods or take-out that don’t make us feel our best. Check out these meal planning tips to keep you on track and organized. 

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Raise Health-Minded Kiddos Without Creating A Fuss

I don’t always make perfect eating choices. And so when I think about teaching my kids about nutrition, it feels a bit like walking a tightrope. I want them to have the knowledge they need to make good choices without feeling guilt or shame if they sometimes choose the less healthy option. I want to find that sweet spot between giving them guidance and encouraging their own autonomy.

Learn more about how I try to raise health-minded kids without micromanaging their eating habits. 

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Embracing an Eclectic Table: How to Feed a Family With Multiple Dietary Needs

How do we accommodate so many different needs without becoming a short-order chef? It may feel overwhelming at first, but hang in there. It scared me at first too. After all of my experience, I would now suggest that having to make these accommodations can be a gift. It teaches us to put thought and effort into our meals and ultimately drives a lot of creativity in the kitchen. Learn more!

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