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The Secret to This Summer's Bikini Bod (RELAX - It's not what you think!)

‘Tis the season in North America for the annual barrage of messages about getting our bodies “beach ready,” or reminding us that, “bikini season is just around the corner!” There’s a reason this messaging is so common: it resonates with consumers. Gyms, diets, coaches—there is no fitness niche that is immune, because so many people want to look better and feel better in their bodies!

I tell my clients that it is one thing to have fitness and performance goals, and it is another thing to connect your body image and weight to your self-worth. I support fitness goals, but I work diligently with clients to loosen the death grip of body shame and judgment.

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Heal Your Body by Reducing Your Stress

Whether we are dealing with autoimmune disease or the flu, every illness carries with it a hefty dose of one symptom: stress. In fact, up to 80% of those with autoimmune issues report that diagnosis came after a period of significant stress in their life, whether emotional or physical. Read more here to take a deeper look at the relationship between stress and autoimmune disease.

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The Last Leg of Winter: Hurry Up and Slow Down

Winter can really be a marathon. By the time February rolls around, I’m usually spending my free time searching online real estate listings in tropical locales, daydreaming about a desert vacation, and counting down the days until spring break. I know I’m not alone! But as impatient as we may be for the arrival of warmer months, our bodies still want (and need) to take things slow. Read more here.

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Transform Your Health with A 'Gratitude Adjustment'

In spite of the fact that we have an entire day named for it, the practice of giving thanks can be easy to overlook during the holidays. I find it harder to access gratitude during times when life is in flux and I have less control—and there is nothing like planning gatherings with friends and loved ones to create the perfect storm! Read more about ideas for a gratitude tune-up this holiday season.

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Receive More This Holiday Season By Slowing Down

Each year during the holiday season, it seems that events and obligations stack up at such a rate that before my family and I even realize it, we’re committed to one gathering or another (and sometimes more than one!) just about every day from Thanksgiving through the New Year. It’s always fun but it’s also exhausting, and can end up feeling like a distraction from the connection and togetherness that we truly value during the holidays. This year, things are a bit different for our family, and I have experienced first hand the impact of slowing down and focusing on the things that really matter. Read more here.

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Use Food to Clean Up Your Mood

We know that when we eat well, we feel better. And yet we don’t always appreciate the link between the food we eat and our mood and behavior. Did you know that 95% of our body's supply of the neurotransmitter serotonin is manufactured in the digestive tract? In fact, our digestive system is often referred to as the body’s "second brain." If we can improve imbalances in our gut, we can clear the way for a healthier, happier frame of mind. HERE are some tips to help improve your mood, starting with an important foundation for health—the food we eat.

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