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The Living Well Podcast

Sarah chats with Christina about feeling stuck and the importance of mindset in our healing journey. They explore not just what we do to become healthy, but who we are as that person doing the tasks as we explore the BE > DO > HAVE model of creating change.

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The Living Well Podcast

Sarah got to chat with Christina Tidwell about the importance of mindset and the concept of “being” versus “doing.” We all know our “to-do” list that can drive our days, but Sarah introduces the concept of a “to-be” list. If you are someone who has made dietary changes but aren’t finding relief from symptoms, paying attention to mindset and how you react and relate to your symptoms might be the missing piece of your healing journey.

Phoenix Helix Podcast

Listen to Sarah’s podcast interview with Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix. The topic! Shifting from victim to empowered to improve quality of life, enhance emotional wellbeing and support the physical body in thriving. 

We all find ourselves in victim mode once in a while, especially when life is hard. There is a time and place for throwing ourselves a pity party. The key is not getting stuck in that pattern. How do we identify signs that we are in a victim mindset, and how can we shift to feeling empowered, strong and hopeful again?



Watch Sarah's interview with Christine Tidwell about what it really means to manage stress in the pursuit to improve autoimmune symptoms. 



Watch Sarah's interview with Dr. Eva Detko in the Global PsychoHealthology Summit (focusing on the mind factors of Autoimmunity). Get an all-access pass to the summit here



Listen to Sarah's podcast interview with Autumn Smith from Optimize Paleo.

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Listen to Sarah's radio interview with Robbie Raugh from WDCX 99.5 FM in Buffalo-Toronto. Her interview starts at 5:45.