My "brain-body" focus

Do you feel sleep deprived, frustrated, depleted, chronically stressed, lonely, disconnected, uncomfortable, unhappy, and anxious? Obsessed with finding the source of your illness while being completely distracted from what matters most? Guess what? This is where autoimmune disease thrives. And even though many of us put endless effort and finances into doctor’s visits, labs, and supplements—we still don't seem to feel any better.

We need to change how we approach our health.


Be cautious of "root cause madness"

I get it: I'm all about a holistic approach that identifies a root cause of illness. It is wise to understand the many factors that contribute to autoimmune disease (you know... nutrient deficiencies, environmental toxins, hormone imbalances, microbial dysbiosis, and stress). But I often see people so desperately want to get well that they become obsessed with diet, toxins, supplements and spend tons of money on labs, doctor visits, and various therapies yet they are so stressed and anxious and desperate that their body is perpetually in a state that is unable to receive healing.

We cannot ignore the impact of stress.

While there are many contributing factors to the onset and exacerbation of autoimmune symptoms, the impact of stress is often overlooked and under appreciated.

Stress is the nemesis of the entire body, yet it is the solution we give the least attention to. Not only does stress trigger unwanted symptoms and conditions but it also literally sabotages healing. I find most people know they experience too much stress—and can even see the connection between stress and their autoimmune onset and ongoing symptoms—but they feel helpless in changing their responses or skeptical that reducing stress will have a big enough benefit.


My practice focuses on the science of psychoneuroimmunology: the intricate relationship among psychology, the nervous system, and immune system. We can’t compartmentalize these areas from one another if we truly want to feel our best.

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The body cannot heal in a stressed state.

No matter the effort that you put into your healing, if your body is experiencing chronic stress, it’s not going to take hold.  My autoimmune clients tend to have high stress and, as if that isn’t enough, they exacerbate their symptoms through anxiety, worry, fears, stress and complete obsession about finding the root cause of their disease.

It isn’t enough to do yoga, take a bath, get a massage, journal, or take a walk once every couple days. The opportunity for deep healing lies in completely changing how we respond to life.

I spend a great deal of time with my clients focusing on stress management at a core level—changing how we react to the world, looking at our belief systems and stories and recognizing how limiting beliefs have kept us small, insecure, unhappy, and even sick. I help people recognize what the nervous system is doing at any given time and how they can leverage their reactions to shift and support immune functioning.

I also help people live into their life’s legacy: I help clients feel inspired, and get clear about what brings them meaning and purpose.

Meaning and purpose, direction, and inspiration ignite the nervous system to support and repair.

If you found yourself on your deathbed tomorrow, would you be proud of what you have created in your life? What's inside you that is yearning to be expressed? And, what would happen to your physical body if you started living into that NOW? Stop putting off your life’s legacy until you “feel better” or for the day you get your terminal diagnosis. Life is NOW!

My clients start living their lives and responding to life from a place of peace, calm, love, connection, and patience—and guess what? The body responds! feeling energized, light, healthy, and vital.