Read on to hear from some of my clients over the years. I've successfully helped folks with chronic anxiety and depression, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Graves' Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Fibromyalgia, diabetes, hormone imbalances, and weight issues alleviate their debilitating fatigue, pain, insomnia, broken relationships, low self esteem, weight loss, skin issues, digestive ailments, and headaches to make lasting improvements to their health and their lives.


"I came to Sarah at a time my body was exhausted and on the verge of collapse. I was experiencing extreme fatigue, brain fog, memory issues, and depression...I had lost control of my autoimmune disease and was grasping at straws. Sarah gave me more background information about the AIP diet, she had me change my exercise regime to fit my body’s needs, and she provided me with tools on how to manage my stress at work. She also did an excellent job helping me to connect with other practitioners to help me with my issues. I felt like she built a health team to get me back on track and it worked!"


My time with Sarah was one of the most valuable gifts I have ever given myself. It has led me to other practices and paths that will help me for the rest of my life.




"I thought I was meeting with Sarah to get a handle on my sugar consumption, never knowing this was going to be a life changing experience.  My mood, sleep patterns, and the ability to chill out and slow down, have changed in such significant ways based on the food that I put in my mouth, that I want everyone to have the chance to work with her.  She's encouraged me to change more than just my diet and that's been so incredibly valuable in my overall well being.  All the thanks in the world to Sarah!"


Sarah’s gifts go beyond nutrition coaching into emotional and mental actionable change. She is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. She has provided me with a view into who I am and what I need to create consistency in my life.

Ellen - Wyoming



"Sarah taught me how to listen to my body. Before the program, I had no idea the extent to which anxiety and stress had taken a toll on my body. 

My body was trying to tell me what it needed to thrive, and I wasn’t listening. Once I applied the tools suggested by Sarah to find more balance and calm in my life, I immediately starting losing the baby weight and was learning to find the joy in my simple, everyday life."

Cindy - Wyoming

Sarah is knowledgeable, resourceful, dedicated to her clients, and reflective. I would recommend This. One. Life. to anyone who feels “stuck” in life and is wanting to increase their happiness and optimize living!

Katie - new mexico

Sarah the Brave-1-0031.jpg


"Sarah was able to help me examine the changes I was looking for in my life by listening to my concerns and frustrations. She then helped me work through the layers to pinpoint goals and intentions to move forward in my life. Probably the greatest gift she gave me was hope! 

Due to my work with Sarah, I was able to stop taking an antidepressant which I had been taking for 17 years!"

Sue - Wyoming

When I walked into Sarah’s house I didn’t understand what I was asking for or the amount of magic I was going to get. Sarah, thank you for making room, for continually pushing me, and asking me. Thank you for seeing me. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so sure and calm in my life. Thank you.

Mei - Arizona



I was in a deep dark rut and had been there for years, waiting and wishing that one day life and the dreary cloud would pass and I would feel whole and complete again. As simple as reaching out to Sarah was all it took. She put me on a 2 week nutritional plan that worked for me and the results were astonishing. Literally, in days I felt an improvement! I now live life with much more purpose, enjoyment, excitement and with more energy. I am forever grateful for the new and improved me.

Chris - Colorado

My coach helped me lose 20 pounds in 1 month and keep it off. I seldom crave junk food and am much more satisfied after meals than I was before working with This. One. Life.

John - Wyoming



" I didn’t even think I could lose 1 pound! My goal was a 25lb weight loss over 6-months, and I exceeded that goal by 5 lbs without ever really feeling deprived or hungry. The confidence I have gained is invaluable. Now I KNOW that I am capable of making healthy changes for myself and my family.

Thank you for helping me find FREEDOM from the bondage that food had over me! I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. My whole family is benefitting from the changes you have helped me make, and we are eternally grateful!"

Randi - Wyoming

I work WAY less! I feel better about myself and have changed the ways I view my body, my health, and my own strength.

Krista - wyoming

Sarah the Brave-1-0242.jpg


“I've always been someone who has worked hard and cared about my health. But so often I just thought that focusing on diet was enough. It turns out that sleep, movement, mediation, spending time with loved ones and in nature, and self compassion are all as equally important. It's all about balance. So now, instead of just thinking about diet, I find myself asking, 'what will help me attain balance in this moment?'"

Katie - new Mexico

I don’t know just how far down in a pit I would be today if I hadn’t met my coach. She believed in me when I had serious doubts about my ability to turn my life around.

Peggy - wyoming


Sarah the Brave-1-0138.jpg

Through coaching and Sarah’s book, I have been able to make changes to my eating habits, exercise, meditation, relationships, weight, reduction in medications, and overall better control of my Diabetes. I am utterly amazed at how amazing I feel now that I have changed the “whole me.” Thank you for helping me with the best transformation of my life!

Misty - colorado

I cannot believe that I have finally learned to break the crazy cycle. I was given tools and support to change my life from being really, really sick into that vibrant person I used to be! I came to This. One. Life. to help me get well, but I really have to say that I love the way I look too.

Ruby - minnesota



"I started my 6-month program with Sarah just before the birth of my first child. I was interested in exploring the transition into parenthood, and maintaining a connection to my spouse and myself during this transition. Sarah consistently reminded me to slow down and focus on ways of being, rather than getting caught up in simply doing tasks. There are a lot of things to do with a new baby in the house, and it was incredibly easy to get focused on the "To-Do List," instead of simply being present and showing up for my child and my partner.

The biggest tangible change in my life has been my comfort with vulnerability. Sarah gracefully encouraged me to stop putting on a mask and pretending to have it all together, and simply show up as my messy and wonderful self. To my great surprise, my relationships deepened when I started asking for help and confessing my struggles, instead of trying to pretend I was a constantly positive super hero. Sarah would check in on my progress and help me confront new emotions. Her encouragement helped me pay attention to my emotions on a daily basis, rather than putting off addressing something for 'tomorrow.' With Sarah's compassionate guidance, I learned how to be present for myself, my partner and my child. I can't imagine a greater gift to my new family, increasing the quality of our time together, rather than increasing the quantity of things I get done."

Evan - wyoming

When I first started working with Sarah I felt scattered and all over the place. I felt out of control of many parts of my life and I wasn’t really sure where to start. Sarah helped me narrow my focus and identify the key changes I needed to make to feel healthier, more balanced and fulfilled. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t always clear to me what progress I was making. Sometimes I felt defeated and frustrated. Sarah was always patient with my process and assured me that if I put my trust in her she would help me achieve my goals. She always approached our time together with honesty, humor and joyfulness. She also, with my permission, connected with my doctor and my therapist to approach my health holistically and build a team of allies.

I imagine that the tools I gained and built for myself during my 6 months with Sarah will continue to refine and develop. I encourage you to work with Sarah if you need that extra push to get to the next phase of your progress and development.

Cristine - oregon