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Feel joyful, inspired, confident, and connected—

and FINALLY start living a life of no regrets.

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the brain-body connection is real… and Key

Guess what? The connection between our brain and body is REAL. And, a very big deal. There isn’t a single thought, emotion or belief that crosses our mind that doesn’t affect our physical body. That is a bold and powerful statement. I know! And, physical imbalances in the body affect how we feel in all areas of health, including brain functioning and mood. We can’t overlook this brain-body relationship when it comes to living a badass life. When we feel irritable, angry, moody, anxious, overwhelmed, and unhappy…. we get to look at what the physical body needs AND how limiting beliefs and our inner critic are holding us down and keeping us “sick.” Likewise, if our body feels like it is falling apart and working against us, the brain-body connection is a key player in HEALING and effectively managing relentless physical symptoms.

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It Ain’t that cool to be Stressed

We live in a culture and age where the sympathetic nervous state (stress response) is praised and rewarded. We strive to produce, perform, and prove—creating a life full of demands and stressors. It is exhausting and leads to disease—this is medical science! And we all know this is true on some level! But, most of us don't know how to change our reality and actually decrease our stress—so, we get more of the same. However, we get to take action to shift this habit with URGENCY. Because our life and our physical health depend on it. Life is NOW! And, we don’t need to live a life of endless suffering and continuously being victims of our circumstances. Stress less and live a life of NO REGRETS. Sounds nice, huh? It is! And, being in a dominant parasympathetic state (peace response) not only makes life more enjoyable but it also allows the body to actually digest, thrive, and heal

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You are one powerful…

I believe so much in my holistic "think outside the box" approach to health that I wrote a book about it! It is easy to get trapped in the limiting belief that our body is broken and that we are somehow flawed with our physical or mental symptoms. We think that are genes and “luck” are running the show and we just show up surviving our circumstances. This couldn’t be further form the truth. Our power to influence our health in BIG ways is phenomenal. I help people identify the multi-factorial components of health and put into action lifestyle and dietary shifts that make a difference in how they feel and think. The great news is that we are more powerful in our health outcomes than most of us ever thought possible. It is empowering and inspiring to take charge in ways that feel amazing. 

It is so common to put off the life we yearn for until a later date:

  • "When I feel better, I will be able to work on my marriage and happiness."

  • "When I have more energy, I will be able to put attention into a meaningful career."

  • "When I am FINALLY healthy, my life is going to be awesome."

But it's amazing how our health can fall into place when we are clear about the life we want to live and are committed to creating it. As a Registered Nurse, I worked in hospice for 12+ years. After so much time helping people connect and live fully at the end of their days, I became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach to help clients apply these lessons NOW.

Are you putting off happiness, contentment, and living your best life until later. Or, have you tried endless therapies and treatments to feel good mentally and physically and just haven’t experienced relief? Stop waiting and wasting time and resources. Life is NOW. Make it count.

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Reset & Thrive

My signature offering is my six-month coaching program. Together, we'll look at your health holistically and I'll help you see the interconnected factors contributing to your feelings of anxiety, unhappiness, overwhelm, and suffering. The program dives deep into the belief systems, stories, patterns, and habits that may be preventing you from accessing your body’s ability to thrive. We explore diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and relationships as a way to uncover the many factors that influence physical and mental health in big ways.

I guide my clients FROM a life of stress and demands TO a life of empowerment, inspiration, and purpose—because when we live life in these ways, the body experiences powerful shifts, symptoms ease, and we feel proud of the life we are creating. I help people feel inspired to start the day and proud when they lay down at night. Sound interesting?


My clients say...

"My time with Sarah is one of the most valuable gifts I have ever given myself."

"I have said to Sarah on several occasions that she has saved my life, and I truly believe that."

"She's encouraged me to change so much more than just my diet and that's been so incredibly valuable in my overall well being. All the thanks in the world to Sarah!"

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